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                               "Matching your funding needs to the right source"


Bank buildings


"Raise Cash, Quickly...

Through  Collateral Instrument Monetization!"


We receive calls every day from real estate developers, investors, film makers, and other entrepreneurs who are having trouble getting their deals funded in today’s lending market. That is why we were thrilled to discover a unique mechanism to help our clients qualify for (and receive) their funding…

Yes... even in today's market.

The system we discovered simply “piggybacks” your loan application with all the collateral support you’ll need… in the form of a Bank Instrument. The Bank Instrument (normally a Bank Guarantee-BG, Standby Letter of Credit-SBLC, or a Medium Term Note-MTN) acts as the collateral support for the project, until funding is completed. The minimum loan value is currently $1 Million, U.S.. There is no maximum. (Loans exceeding $100 Million work best.)

We have several needed players lined up to make this whole system work. These players include investors, who secure the instrument and lenders, who will "monetize", or loan against the instrument. These are proven sources who have done this multiple times.

How to get started…

Contact John Gilvary at or (925) 418-8213. He’ll be able to help you assess your suitability for this program. If you think this program may be right for you, you can contact John and strategize.