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                               "Matching your funding needs to the right source"



"If Even One Percent of the Film Funders In Hollywood Were Real,

Every Movie Would Get Made..."

If Only!

Many of the funding sources we have met (claim to) fund films. However, very few actually do. (I've wasted a lot of time figuring this out.)

Finally, I discovered a couple of sources for film funding which I like for a couple of key reasons:

1.  They really do fund films… (as opposed to the many imposters, wannabes, tire kickers, and “lookie-loos”).

2.  You know what? Just refer to reason #1.

Seriously though, we have at least two ways to fund your film (or TV project), depending on how far along you are... and what kind of cash you already have.

The 5% (Minimum) Option

Our film funding sources arranged joint venture agreements with Hedge Funds, Asset Management, and substantial Investment Companies to provide financial support for investments in the Entertainment industry. 


Up to 95% Financing 


The minimum participation from the principal would be at least 5% of the total budget, with a minimum of $250,000 USD/Euros. This amount is subject to board approval and evaluation of all risk factors. 




Our source has extensive experience in motion picture production, distribution, exhibition and marketing. Their structured financing tools, resources, and experience allow us to finance projects while minimizing the risk. They also provide international sales and marketing, and theatrical release via P&A financing for the North American market. 


The major studios finance pictures backed by their assets, revenue, film library, foreign sales commitments etc. Independent producers mostly rely on private investors which may include using discounted loans against tax and other incentives, foreign sales etc. 


Our structured style” finances between 50% and 95% of the project, (plus P&A and marketing). The film has a better chance of success by arranging for the assets/collateral to be placed before the film is made, and funded with no discounting of pre-sales, incentives, and deferments. 


How to Get Started: 


1.  To start, the principal/investor must provide a letter of request for financing the project. Along with this letter, please submit: 

1.       A summary of the story.  

2.      Top sheet budget.  

3.      Location for shooting.  

4.      Bio of producer, director and any principal cast that has shown interest in the project (or suggested cast under consideration).  

5.      A statement of the amount of funds available in equity cash funds to the project. 

6.    Cash budget. (How much you will need, and when.)


2.  Upon preliminary review, and acceptance of the application, our source will issue a letter of intent (“LOI”) with terms and conditions. This may be subject to further approval of the script and other elements of the package, once the terms are accepted by both parties. 





The form of the asset/guarantee arranged by our source and its JV Partners for the financing is a cash-backed Bank Guarantee or Stand-By Letter of Credit “(BG”), issued by a top tier bank in Europe. This BG is then financed by our JV partners from cash they are holding and/or credit lines; and funded to the Film Project Special Purpose Vehicle-company (“SPV”) organized for the particular film under a pre-approved disbursement schedule.  


We are able to defer the costs of the BG until closing, because of the financial strength of the JV Partners. The project deposits a portion of its equity participation which is used to cover the initial deposit of the BG, legal, SWIFT and other bank charges which is $250,000 or 5%) of the approved budget whichever is more, (“Producer’s Fund”). 


NOTE 1: If the investor is involved to just cover the costs, then he may receive the Producer’s Fund returned with the first draw of funds. We would then fund 100% of the project and credit the equity portion representing such funds back to our source. 




After your project has been accepted, and the LOI is executed between the Production Company, Investor, and our funding source. Then: 


1.       Agreements are executed between our source, JV Partners, and Producers as to how the Producer’s Fund is deposited into the Custody account; and the disbursement schedule into the SPV Production account, (including the guarantee of the Producer’s Fund). 


2.       Upon signing of the agreements, Producer/investor deposits the Producer’s Fund into Custodial Account. 


3.       Full production Financing Agreements are prepared and signed by the parties. SPV takes transfer of the script rights option, searches confirming rights are cleared and all other legal matters completed and paid by JV Partners and our source. 


4.       Financing closes and commences disbursements per agreement within 90 days from the date LOI signed and Producer’s Fund deposited into Custodial Account. 


NOTE     2: The Producer’s/Investors will be provided with the details of our company and the JV Company for the opportunity to perform due diligence after the signing of the LOI and prior to the deposit of the Producer’s Fund. 



Or, perhaps you'll prefer...

 The Non-Recourse Option

 The details for this option will change, from time to time. But the best part is there is no loan to pay back, and no equity to give up. The funding source will not care if you have a blockbuster... or just a bust.

The only thing you will need is cash up front. How much? This will vary with time and budget. It depends on what is available when you are ready to move forward. Your money is not at risk.

This option is available only if your cash is from a clean source. If you are a money launderer, a terrorist, or on the F.B.I. Most Wanted List, this option is definitely not for you. 

John Gilvary