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"I've Got to Get This Off My Chest, Before I Explode!" 

The trouble with this industry is there are a lot of "pretenders" out there. They pretend to be Principal Buyers or Sellers of paper instruments (MTNs, BGs, SBLCs, etc.)... or their Mandates/Reps.

I suspect I'm not alone in my experience. Anyone who has been in this business for any length of time has probably run into more of these characters than you'd care to remember. 

And if you are one of these phonies, pretending to be a Principal (or Mandate/Rep), I have just three words for you... 

"Just Stop It!" 

Seriously though, you're not fooling anyone (in the long run). And when you're inevitably found out, you will be blackballed. I’ve seen this, and it’s not pretty. Who would want to waste their time with phonies? 

OK. Now that I got that off my chest, let's get down to business. 

That's why, when you (if you're fortunate enough to) find people who are real... people who are (or can produce people who are)... real Buyers or Sellers, you want to latch onto them for all you're worth. 

These are the people who are worth their weight in gold... many times over!  

And here’s the best part… When you do find a real Buyer or Seller, do you know what they do? 

They Come Back For More! 

I love my regulars! If you are looking to sell paper, and are a real source, I can introduce you to real players who buy all the time. 

If you are looking to buy paper, within the Sellers’ accepted procedures and pricing, I welcome the chance to work with you. 

I have a number of regular, (and real), buyers standing by. Most like "Desk-to-Desk" deals. Please do not expect real buyers to submit a ton of personal, or banking information to a broker. They are (understandably) guarded with this info.

They will have no problem releasing necessary, qualifying info direct to the Seller--or seller's banker/desk.

If you are looking for a “Buy/Sell” arrangement, (at a sameday 20-point spread), please call or email for details. We also have access to a bullpen of alternative exit buyers available. 

Life is good. I welcome your interest, and any questions. 

John Gilvary